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>>>Seeyond: turning uncertainty into opportunity

18 September 2012

Seeyond: turning uncertainty into opportunity

Natixis Asset Management introduces Seeyond, its volatility management and structured product investment division, implementing strategies that go beyond conventional active management.

Focus on Seeyond
with Emmanuel Bourdeix, Head of Seeyond and co-CIO of Natixis Asset Management

Can you tell us more about Seeyond?

Seeyond is the volatility management and structured product investment division of Natixis Asset Management. Indeed, in durably volatile markets in which trends have been depleted, our investment philosophy is based on a strong conviction: it is more efficient to exploit market volatility to generate value rather than invest according to return forecasts that are sometimes inaccurate and often unstable.
We use thus market variability and dispersion to generate performance and focus on risk management to construct portfolios tailored to a more complex environment.

What is Seeyond’s investment philosophy?

Seeyond investment division implements strategies that go beyond conventional active management that strive to provide solutions that combine performance generation with risk reduction. This is not antonymic, on the contrary: the past decade has shown that investors are far from being remunerated in proportion to the risk taken.
Structured management, flexible asset allocation, active volatility management, model-driven equity management or long/short equity, these different strategies are implemented through an active approach in which investment decisions are both objectivised by models and risk-weighted.

What type of clients are you targeting?

Seeyond’s offering is intended for all types of investors, both professional and non-professional: institutional investors, corporations, multi-managers, private banks, independent financial advisers and banking networks.
What are Seeyond’s strengths?
We have brought together within a single division experienced and recognized market specialists in volatility and structured management. They benefit from the daily support of a dedicated quantitative research team. This organisation favours exchanges of ideas, fosters quick reactions and naturally stimulates innovation.
The other strength of our model lies in our specialists’ ability to constantly challenge the postulates of conventional financial theory as well as our own models.


>> PRESS RELEASE – Natixis Asset Management introduces Seeyond, its structured product and volatility management investment division – 18/09/2012