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>>>Seeyond Flexible MT honored at 2013 Globes de la Gestion awards

12 November 2013

Seeyond Flexible MT honored at 2013 Globes de la Gestion awards

Seeyond Flexible MT has taken 3rd prize in the "Cautious Flexible" fund category at the 2013 Les Globes de la Gestion awards given by Gestion de Fortune magazine.


The prize recognizes the high quality of investment management at Seeyond, Natixis AM's investment division in volatility management and structured products, and its capacity to generate performance.


/// Seeyond honored for flexible expertise

To succeed in a persistently unstable environment, an investment strategy must include an active and integrated approach to risk management if it is to avoid the major dips on international fixed-income and equity markets while still remaining ready to seize investment opportunities. By combining the use of objective and systematic indicators with conviction-based investment management Seeyond Flexible MT has proved its resilience in this environment.


Stéphanie Bigou, co-portfolio manager of Seeyond Flexible MT explains: "Investors are facing increasingly complex and volatile markets. This makes diversification necessary but no longer sufficient to manage risk.
By combining the use of objective systematic indicators with conviction-based investment management, Seeyond Flexible MT offers an original approach to diversification."


Seeyond Flexible MT aims to achieve positive performance mainly by exploiting movements in international equity, currency and fixed-income markets over a 3-year investment horizon, through a flexible and reactive investment approach. Equities exposure can be up to 50%.

Didier Jauneaux, co-portfolio manager of Seeyond Flexible MT explains: "In our management, we blend the use of proprietary quantitative tools with a discretionary investment approach. The combination of the two helps achieve consistent performance with lower levels of correlation than the major asset classes.
We use a variety of strategies to do this, including directional or arbitrage positions across a particularly broad investment universe ranging from emerging equities to high-yield credits."


/// Les Globes de la Gestion in brief

The Globes de la Gestion are a range of investment awards that bring together key players in the asset management universe and recognize fund managers across 10 categories. The methodology was developed in partnership with Quantalys, a firm specialized in measuring fund performance.

Funds are selected based on their 5-year Sortino index. This is similar to the Sharpe index but substitutes DSR (downside risk) for global volatility in the denominator.
DSR is volatility measured solely when the market performance is bearish (i.e. below a certain value, in this case the performance of Eonia). The core idea is to recognize that volatility (the variation of a security around its average value) only becomes a problem when value is falling.

Consistent with the aim of honoring funds that are resilient in bear markets, only those funds whose maximum drawdown over five years was less than average for their category are eligible.



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Source: Gestion de Fortune – 11.2013

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