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17 February 2017

Active risk management: key success factor in 2017

After a 6-month phase of global investors’ perception switching from quality investing towards value and cyclical themes, the end of 2016 brought a calmer tone on both equity and fixed-income markets of developed countries - at least in the short term.

16 February 2017

Style rotation reached pre-crisis levels

Interesting statistic on factor investing produced by the research department when looking at factor/sector rotation.

16 December 2016

November: US elections spur 2 MTI regime changes

Read our latest post written by our quantitative researchers.

08 December 2016

Seeyond Global MinVariance: 5 years already!

The second flagship for Seeyond’s Minimum Variance strategy has now reached 5 years of track record. Launched on October 17th, 2011, the fund’s strong track-record confirms the consistency and efficiency of the strategy, not only on a regional scale but also on a global equity universe.

22 November 2016

Looking ahead: Indications of increasing volatility?

Read our latest post written by our Quantitative researchers: Are tighter funding conditions indicative of increasing volatility?