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Structured Beta & Guarantee

Key points

Close collaboration with quantitative research team in the decision making process
Best execution ensured through systematic request for proposal process for structure pricing
• Dedicated team of 12 people (structuring specialists and fund managers)

Expert opinion

Thanks to our significant experience in partnering with distributors, we are able to offer support throughout the product life cycle – from product design, through to legal approval and right up to an integrated marketing campaign. We also benefit from our scale in assets under management and are able to ensure best execution for our clients within an open architecture framework.

Oumar Diawara,
Deputy head of Structured beta & guarantee

The Structured beta & guarantee team is and established European provider of capital protected investments and has the ability to tailor a solution to meet a specific client’s need offering either full or partial capital protection.

Customised solutions

The strategies implemented by the structuring team demonstrate a proven track record of generating attractive risk adjusted returns both in closed end defined maturity products and open ended capital guaranteed products. The team has the ability to structure solutions which offer access to the long-term growth potential of markets while providing downside protection. 

The team is recognised for their ability to innovate and provide exposure to a broad array of asset classes and geographies while actively managing risk over time coupled with an explicit guarantee on the initial capital invested through 2 main types of strategies:
    • Formula funds
    • Active protected management

Support above and beyond product design

Natixis Asset Management provides support to distributors and investors throughout the products’ life:
“turnkey” solutions: tailor-made design, legal and regulatory assistance, relations with counterparties;
research process for the best market conditions at the fund’s inception (prices, market analysis, transparency) and rigorous daily monitoring throughout the fund’s life;
support in designing marketing tools.