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Turning uncertainty into opportunity

In durably volatile markets in which trends have been depleted, Seeyond’s investment philosophy is based on a strong conviction: it is more efficient to exploit market volatility to generate value rather than invest according to return forecasts that are sometimes inaccurate and often unstable.
We thus use market variability and dispersion to generate performance and focus on risk management to construct portfolios tailored to a more complex environment.

Offering strategies that go beyond conventional active management.

Structured management, flexible asset allocation, active volatility management or model-driven and active protected equity management: All of our expertises aim at offering investment solutions seeking the balance between performance and risk.

These different strategies are implemented through an active approach in which investment decisions are both objectivised by models and risk-weighted.

Challenging conventional financial theories

"Seeyond’s strength undeniably lies in our specialists’ ability to constantly challenge the postulates of conventional financial theory as well as our own models.”

Emmanuel Bourdeix, co-CIO of Natixis AM and Head of Seeyond investment division.

Our portfolio management teams are daily supported by a quantitative research platform of experienced and recognised experts in financial engineering.
Gathering 4 specialists of quantitative analysis from various and complementary backgrounds, this platform has 2 main missions:

• Elaborate proprietary models
- Develop proprietary risk indicators, decision making tools or models and performance analysis.
- Improve investment processes, process investment strategy extensions and product development.

• Challenge investment theories
Foster ideas exchange between teams, integrate academic research into daily portfolio management and publish research studies.

Our mission is to cross fertilise ideas among investment teams,
foster an environment of creative thinking and
assist investment managers in their decision making process.


Hamza Bahaji, PhD,
head of quantitative research of Seeyond


Source: Natixis Asset Management - 30/06/2017.
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