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>>Durable Portfolio Construction

Portfolios adapted to a persistently uncertain environment

Designated to navigate today’s unstable markets, Seeyond’s strategies ensure a perfect coherence with Natixis Investment Managers’ Durable Portfolio Construction® approach to construct portfolios capable of resisting all market conditions by adapting to unforeseeable market conditions.

Durable Portfolio Construction® is built on a foundation of five basic principles that result in a consistent portfolio construction process - perhaps the single most important strategy for optimizing long-term results:

The Durable Portfolio Construction® approach is based on five principles:

• Put risk management first - use risk parameters as the primary input for asset allocation to manage volatility and create portfolios capable of minimizing the impact of extreme market movements

• Maximize diversification - consider the broadest possible range of asset classes and investment strategies when creating portfolios

• Use alternative investment strategies - take advantage of alternative strategies and asset
classes to lower correlations, temper volatility and pursue new sources of return.

• Make smarter use of traditional asset classes - seek new and efficient ways to capitalize
on the long-term potential of stocks and bonds

• Be consistent - maintain a consistent portfolio construction process and stay focused on
the big picture, regardless of short-term changes in market conditions.

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