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>>>Natixis Asset Management introduces Seeyond, its structured product and volatility management investment division

19 September 2012

Natixis Asset Management introduces Seeyond, its structured product and volatility management investment division

Strategies going beyond conventional active management
Structured management, flexible asset allocation, active volatility management, model-driven equity management or long/short equity – all the strategies proposed by Seeyond strive to provide solutions that combine performance generation with risk reduction. “The past decade has shown that investors are far from being remunerated in proportion to the risk taken”, stresses Emmanuel Bourdeix, co-Chief Investment Officer of Natixis Asset Management and head of Seeyond investment division. These different strategies are implemented through an active approach in which investment decisions are both objectivised by models and risk-weighted.

Turning uncertainty into opportunity
In durably volatile markets in which trends have been depleted, Seeyond’s investment philosophy is based on a strong conviction: it is more efficient to exploit market volatility to generate value rather than invest according to return forecasts that are sometimes inaccurate and often unstable. Seeyond’s teams thus use market variability and dispersion to generate performance and focus on risk management to construct portfolios tailored to a more complex environment.

Challenging conventional financial theories
Seeyond’s strength lies in its specialists’ ability to constantly challenge the postulates of conventional financial theory as well as its own models. For this purpose, the teams benefit from a dedicated quantitative research platform to support them in their day-to-day management.
The creation of our investment division, Seeyond, meets the current needs and concerns of investors seeking resilient investments in a lastingly unstable environment”, explains Pascal Voisin, Managing Director of Natixis Asset Management.

About Seeyond
Seeyond is the structured product and volatility management investment division of Natixis Asset Management. In order to offer investments that combine performance generation with risk reduction, Seeyond applies investment strategies going beyond conventional active management.
Seeyond develops a complete range of funds in four areas of expertise: capital protected funds, model-driven and optimised equity management, multi-asset absolute return and active volatility management, equity arbitrage. The fund managers benefit from a dedicated quantitative research team.
Seeyond’s offering is marketed by Natixis Global Asset Management’s global distribution platform and is intended for all types of investors, both professional and non-professional. With 32 employees, Seeyond has €14.7 billion in assets under management(1).
Natixis Asset Management ranks among the leading European asset managers with €287 billion in assets under management and close to 675 employees(1). Investment management at Natixis Asset Management revolves around six areas of expertise: Bonds, European equities, Investment and client solutions, Global emerging, Responsible Investment and Structured products and volatility, developed by Seeyond.

(1)Source: Natixis Global Asset Management as at 30 June 2012

About Natixis Global Asset Management
Natixis Global Asset Management, a fully-owned subsidiary of Natixis, is comprised of management and distribution companies based in Europe, the United States and Asia. The company manages assets of over €560 billion worldwide and had a workforce staff of almost 3,000 as at 30 June 2012(2).

(2)Source: Natixis Global Asset Management as at 30 June 2012

About Natixis
Natixis is the corporate, investment and financial services arm of Groupe BPCE, the 2nd-largest banking group in France with 21% of total bank deposits and 36 million clients spread over two networks, Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Epargne.
With around 22,000 employees, Natixis has a number of areas of expertise which are organized in three main business lines: Corporate and Investment Banking, Investment Solutions (Asset Management, Private Banking, Insurance and Private Equity) and Specialized Financial Services.

A global player, Natixis has its own client base of companies, financial institutions and institutional investors as well as the client base of individuals, professionals and small and medium-size businesses of Groupe BPCE’s two retail banking networks.
Listed on the Paris stock exchange, it has a solid financial base with total Core Tier 1 capital of €12.7 billion, a Core Tier 1 ratio of 10.6% and quality long-term ratings (Standard & Poor’s: A / Moody’s: A2 / Fitch Ratings: A+).

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