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Voting Policy


Since 2019, Seeyond has opted to use a world leading provider specializing in corporate governance and Responsible Investment solutions: Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS). Seeyond will therefore be following ISS's sustainability policy recommendations. This policy comes as close as possible to Seeyond’s ESG approach and its commitments as a signatory of the UN Principles of Responsible Investment.
ISS has drawn up voting guidelines compatible with investors’ sustainability goals and their fiduciary responsibility.

  • On corporate governance, management remuneration and corporate structure, the recommendations of the ISS Sustainability policy are based on the commitment to create and sustain economic value and promote the principles of good corporate governance.
  • The ISS Sustainability policy also seeks to support any resolution that promotes best practice such as protection of the environment, combating discrimination of any kind and respect for human rights. Business leaders must take into account the impacts flowing from their social and environmental responsibility in terms of both risks and opportunities.

In general, ISS Sustainability policy is based on a reference framework of internationally recognized sustainable development initiatives.
For further details see:

Voting policy 2019 - US equities

Voting policy 2019 - International equities (excl. US)


Scope and organization of voting

Seeyond votes on behalf of all the funds it manages, whatever it being the investment manager or the delegated investment manager. However, where delegation is partial, voting is the responsibility of the investment management company.
Seeyond seeks to vote at meetings of 100% of the issuers it holds in all geographical areas, except where the administrative measures required to vote are excessive.
Votes are cast via ISS's correspondence voting platform.


Conflicts of interest

In accordance with its voting policy, Seeyond, as part of the BPCE group, exercises its voting rights in the sole interest of its clients and does not participate in general meetings held by BPCE group companies or their listed subsidiaries/affiliates.